one hundred & twenty seven.

Been in bed all day.



one hundred & twenty five.

“Don’t let them scare you.”


one hundred & twenty four.



one hundred & twenty three.

Early mornings.


one hundred & twenty two.

What I’ve been doing for the past three hours.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging at all. Life has been SO hectic, what with college application deadlines coming up, job hunting, getting my license which equals way more freedom, and balancing a somewhat normal social life. But, and I know I’ve been saying this, I will try and post more, even if it’s little stuff from my phone. Hope you all are enjoying the new autumn weather. xoxo

one hundred & nineteen.

Today, my beautiful baby sister Olive Sofia Restaino was born. Sh was born at 11 am, 5 lbs and 15 oz’s. She is healthy and just starting to feed, and we all couldn’t be any happier. Mama is doing well too and is resting with little Olive. 🙂 Definitely expect more Olive related posts within these next few weeks!


one hundred & eighteen.

Bits of my weekend.