thirty seven.

Two finals down, four to go. And then senior year! Cannot wait. (:


thirty six.

I had the best breakfast ever today. We went to Toast Eatery in Noe Valley, and if you’re looking for a quick, scrumptious meal, swing on by! There is usually a line so get there early.


thirty five.

*cinnamon & doublecap edition.

Gray jersey knit dress, & boots.

thirty four.


Striped tank top, jeans, boots.

Day road trip edition.

thirty three.

Blue shirt dress,

and brown boots.

thirty two.

“You’re a horrible singer!”

“And on the side she was screwing David.”

“Let’s just say I did go with them.. How much would you want to wring my neck?”


Oh, the things you hear in high school..

But I like this whole “overheard” business. Let’s say it might just be permanent.

thirty one.

New wallet came in today, whuddup?